The Division of Parental Leave: Empirical Evidence and Policy Design
Joint with Thomas Høgholm Jørgensen
Working paper. 2022
CESifo WP | Press: JP, To the Moon, Honey, Radio P1 | CESifo Summary

Identifying Behavioral Responses to Tax Reforms: New Insights and a New Approach
Joint with Katrine Marie Jakobsen
Journal of Public Economics, vol. 212. 2022
CESifo WP | Member of expert group | Replication Codes

Does Biology Drive Child Penalties? Evidence from Biological and Adoptive Families
Joint with Henrik Kleven & Camille Landais
American Economic Review: Insights, vol. 3(2), p. 183-198. 2021
NBER WP | Replication Codes

Labor Supply and Optimization Frictions: Evidence from the Danish Student Labor Market
Journal of Public Economics, vol. 173, p. 125-138. 2019
CEBI WP, EPRU WP | Replication Codes

Children and Gender Inequality: Evidence from Denmark
Joint with Henrik Kleven & Camille Landais
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, vol. 11(4), p. 181-209. 2019
NBER WP | Replication Codes | Press: The New York Times, The Economist, Slate, Vox, Quartz, Politiken, DJØF, JP, Berlingske, Radio P1, Radio 24syv, Netflix | VoxEU | AEJ Award

Top Incomes in Scandinavia: Recent Developments and the Role of Capital Income
In Nordic Economic Policy Review: Increasing Income Inequality in the Nordics. 2018
Press: Berlingske

The Long Run History of Income Inequality in Denmark
Joint with Anthony B. Atkinson
Scandinavian Journal of Economics, vol. 118(2), p. 264–291. 2016
EPRU WP | Press: Berlingske, Information, Radio P1 | SJE Award

The Effects of Financial Incentives on Retirement Decisions: Evidence from a Temporary Tax Rebate to Older Workers in Denmark
Joint with Jonas Zielke Schaarup & Esben Anton Schultz
Unpublished Working Paper. 2013
Available upon request

Sammenhængen mellem Uddannelse og Erhvervsdeltagelse (in Danish)
Danish Ministry of Finance Working Paper Series, no. 24/2011. 2011

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Climate Policies and Inequality

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